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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Une Semaine (One Week) and Garage Sale

Today marks one week until I am on a plane to Philadelphia for three days of staging and then off to Mali, West Africa. It is hard to believe that it is actually happening. I have spent so much time preparing for this and now it is upon me. I still feel like something is going to go logistically wrong with medical paperwork or passport since I have that kind of luck...but let us hope for the best. Hard to say what I am feeling. Thought I would be more excited than I am but I think that is mostly numbness due to nerves and trying to get everything done.

In somewhat old news the Peace Corps Garage Sale June 18-20 that was hosted by my Nana went extremely well!! Here are the numbers:

Sales = $417.52
Donations =$220
Total== $637.52

Thank yous...
Special thanks to my Aunt Lori, Nana, Aunt Lisa, Sarah-Jane, Erika Lessien and her mother as well as Kay and Kelley for their contributions and donations. Thanks to Ana for her super organization and presentation skills!! She came all the way from Tampa to help me with my garage sale... As well as anyone else that donated and/or attended (Adam! and Nicole). Oh, ofcourse, thanks to Jenn Woodham for being my inspiration for the garage sale :)

Money from sales has gone to purchasing items I will need in the Peace Corps (new backpack, bug spray, flashlight, sleeping bag, nalgene bottles, etc.). Donations will be kept for future projects.

I am still really blown away by how supportive friends, family, and strangers have been of my service. I feel unworthy of such praise and generosity at times but am very thankful and hope I can live up to it.

Well, time to get back to work. It is going to be a busy week! I'm excited for the 4th and spending time with family and friends.

PS: Before I leave I will be sure to post a link to my packing list for future PC volunteers. I received a lot of feedback from current and returned volunteers and believe the list is pretty complete.

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  1. GOOD LUCK COLLEEN!!! You're going to do Mali JUST FINE!!