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Monday, August 10, 2009

Site Assigments!!

Today after our language and mid-training tests we received our site assignments!! I'm both nervous and excited.

-region: Koulikoro (the captial, Bamako, is in this region). If you want to know more details, I can send you an e-mail or call because of safety and security reasons.

-population: 700
-homologue (who I will meet tomorrow and will help me with my service and projects) is Jena/Jean Claude and holds a few positions in village associations and cooperatives. He is married and has two wives and 10 children (4 girls). He is fluent in Bambara and French.
-Closest PCV I know of so far is only 8k from me. He is also a WATSAN volunteer.
-There are some pretty cool PCTs and PCVs in my region that I am happy about including the current president of GAD :)

-a new site, I will be their first volunteer
-language: Bambara
-2 pumps, one broken
-6 wells, only three covered
-basic pit latrines and no soak pits
-I will live in a "concession" with a family but have my own room
-no cell phone access unless you bike out 7k but there is a satallite phone

I will leave for my site this Sunday to visit for a week. I was told to bring my bike since I will be dropped off at a station and then need to bike to my village. Thus, I need to pack lite for that first stay...

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